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Now I'm the one to hold you by PuccaFanGirl Now I'm the one to hold you by PuccaFanGirl
Lame title is lame. I kept forgetting to post this though. At FIRST I thought it would come out horribly, but I'm in love with how Grovyle and Pikachu look. And I'm playing Explorers of the Sky again so it's only natural I'd post this now. Obviously, this is another picture involving me as a Pikachu.

But that's not the point, I wanted to draw this because for as much as I love Hero/Partner and Celebi/Grovyle, I love Hero/Grovyle too. There's not enough of it around here. Maybe its because most of the time the hero is a boy? :XD:

I love it though because I loved how dedicated Grovyle was to him and the Hero's relationship and risking everything that he can to accomplish their mission. And even when they meet again and after he finds out, he still shows a sign of carring for the Hero even though the Hero doesn't remember any of it. I love how kind he was to the Hero. I couldn't help but ship it after that. That's easy for me to do as a girl here though;;;

Grovyle is an awesome character. I loved him to death, and I'm so glad that he's alive. Also, the reason the title is what it is, even if it sucks, it's called that because being human once, it was the Hero who held onto him and carried him. But now that we're a Pokemon and became a small one at that, he's the one to hold us now. :heart:

The next picture will be a Hero/Partner picture.

Grovyle (c) Gamefreak/Nintendo/Chunsoft
Mollie is Me (c) =PuccaFanGirl
Artwork (c) =PuccaFanGirl
MrsEmmyJ Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
eeeeeeeeeep~ :heart::iconilavplz: Oh dear Lord. And I thought I was the only one who thinks so! They make such a cute couple together! X3 But the less fanart of Hero/Grovyle is totally understanable...I think most of the people playing this games are guys too. :XD: *cough*ma brother*cough*
Anyway very smashing! X3 Pikachu looks so peaceful here, sleeping or relaxing. And the title is beautiful. That thought of you is really lovely.
ChowderXPanini1337 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
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